Automatic Track and Trace containers with no user input. Included with 3PL Intermodal at no additional cost.

That's right, forget about Excel sheets to keep track of containers and having to manually visit each individual website to check if a container is ready for pickup. Let 3PL Automatic Container Availability do the heavy work for you. No need to create manual reports for your clients, let the system generate the reports for you and your clients.

3PL Container Availability does the work for you by searching websites and checking container status retrieving key information required to conduct business. In addition, it updates 3PL Intermodal software with key information about the container; thus, eliminating double data entry.

Need to use 3PL Container availability only? We can provide you the software for a fixed monthly charge of $150 / Month

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What is the cost to start using the program?

We have no setup fee or deposit. Only the monthly payment with no additional charges.

What type of tech support do you offer?

We offer on-line support, E-mail, phone and on-site support for our customers around Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Is it difficult to implement and learn the software?

Within 15 minutes you will be up an running searching for hundreds of containers.

Is training included on the monthly price?

Yes, training is included on our monthly price. We provide training for as long as needed.

As a current customer, are we eligible for updates?

Yes, all of our customers receive the latest and greatest version.

Need Multiple users?

No problem, just let us know to assist you.

how long does it take to have my account ready?

Your account can be ready to start using the system in just 5 minutes.

Do we have to sign a contract?

No contracts to sign or long term commitments. You can terminate our service at any time by sending us an email or contacting us.

How long is the platform been around?

We been developing the platforms since 2009.

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